A Guide To Saving And Investing With Flex Dollar

Hello Flex Dollar!

  1. Tap/click “Flex Dollar” Card

What is the Interest Rate on Flex Dollar?

You earn up to 5% per annum on your Piggyvest Flex Dollar account. Interest rates are determined by the market behaviour at any given time. Interests are accrued daily, but paid monthly (compounded).

Can I save using my international card or a dollar denominated card?

For now, you can only save using a Naira denominated card.

How do I withdraw from my Flex Dollar account?

You can withdraw in Naira or Dollars. Withdrawing in Naira will be at the stated parallel market buy rate. When withdrawing in Dollars, the funds are sent to your Dollar-denominated Domiciliary bank account. Payment into Domiciliary accounts attract a small processing fee. You can transfer to another Piggyvest user for free.



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