How To Improve Your PiggyVest “W.A.E.C” Score

What do the scores mean?

A1: Go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you scored this, ‘that’s how star do’

B2: Not too bad. Can do better with saving consistently

C3 — C5: If you scored any of these, it means you are withdrawing way more than you should and aren’t consistent with saving.

C6: This is equivalent to an F. Scoring this means you either have not saved all year, or you withdrew way more than you saved or invested.

How to improve your score

Save more, save frequently

Withdraw less

  • If using Piggybank savings (formerly known as Core Savings), withdraw only on your free withdrawal day (you get four of these a year). And if using Target savings, don’t break your target until you accomplish your goal.
  • We understand that emergencies can happen, that’s why we expanded PiggyFlex. With PiggyFlex, you can stash money you don’t want to touch right now, but will probably need within 30 days, for example your DSTV subscription fee, or internet bill etc. Think emergency funds, think PiggyFlex.
  • Be honest with yourself when you’re saving. It’s tempting to over save, but with over saving comes reckless withdrawing.

Diversify your savings and investment



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