#MeetAPiggyVestSaver: Omonigho

Introduce yourself: What is your name and what do you do?

What was your first ever experience with money?

When did you start saving on PiggyVest?

Apart from saving, do you also invest and in what?

What do you spend most of your income on?

What would you like to stop spending money on?

If money wasn’t a concern, what would your career be in?

“I love to travel. I don’t think I have a dream destination. Any place that smells like abroad is fine.”

Do you enjoy travelling and where is your dream vacation destination?

What Piggyvest feature is your favorite and why?

Is there anything specific you’ve used Piggyvest to achieve?

How many sources of income do you have?

How do you budget your income?

Has PiggyVest helped you save or invest?

What do you think of the new Piggyvest app?

Do you have any feedback for Piggyvest?



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